Poems published in August 2014

Not a Fate

a poem by Satish Verma

Stalking a poem
the art─
becomes a script.


At night it comes
to sleep in my bed.
A new verse.


I will reach you
in my ode,
one day.


a poem by Girish Elchuri

When you are in a crunch
Problems come in a bunch
You feel like digging a trench
And hide from the life’s stench.

Every phase in life is not the same
Ups and downs are part of the game
You need to learn on how to tame
Putting the hurdles to shame.

All thru it’s important to stay positive
In any situation, complex or primitive
Even you become emotionally negative
Deal with them by being creative.

Remember, you cannot run away
And have to face it, what may
Have faith in God and pray
To emerge victorious one day.

Put focus on your efforts
And hope in your prayers
It’s only hard work that matters
For you to punch and put the crunch in tatters.

What you like…

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Words burst out of memory.
It jumps up and settles on tongue,
Often creates a heat wave when spoken,
Making life miserable to listeners.
When a sound bursts untimely,
It becomes a catastrophe.
Fall out becomes severe.
The deluge deposits dirt and filth.
Stench pollutes mind and matters.
The speaker walks away in pride,
Leaving us to sink in the stink.
Skunk disappears in to back yard.
What you like, a word burst or silence?

Waiting Matters

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

Fast is man’s pace-
Rocketing beyond space,
Webbing across cyberspace:
Yet waiting has much relevance!

Mother Nature certainly is patient-
Trees have years inside seeds spent.
Buds wait for the proper moment
To blossom and waft their scent.

Eggs hatch on the precise date,
Feathers appear at the set gait;
Nestlings must but wait
To fly and for the season to mate.

Neither is birth fast or easy-
The womb must but carry
For the counted days the baby
Till the mother’s happy delivery.

It is after so many semesters
And studious, exam papers
Any university a degree confers.
Wait again for the job one prefers!

Queues are endless here and abroad-
Be it for the ration card or the green card,
Or for the green signal on the crowded road.
And the last wait is for life’s burden to unload.

You and I

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

A figure has its shadow,
And a sound its echo.

You and I are a similar pair-
But not so well do we fare.

‘Cos you’re my distorted shadow,
And a perverse, contradictory echo.

I gaze at the rainbow with childlike glee,
You just shrug at the natural phenomenon.

A flowing, silver cascade again
Is for you a mere force of gravitation.

I rejoice when I hear wedding bells,
But you think of fetters and shackles.

Marital bliss as I see
Is for you a doom in disguise.

I find in the babe a bundle of joy,
The same, for you, is a burden of yoke.

I love youth, mirth and laughter;
Brooding alone is what you prefer.

I greet the day that is born;
You weep the day that is gone.

You scowl at the black cloud,
I smile at the silver lining behind.

Firm is my faith in Providence;
Resigned, you are, to Destiny.

North and south poles are, indeed, opposite-
Yet, there’s an attraction they cannot resist.

An eggshell houses yolks two- yellow and white,
My soul, alike, holds minds two- grim and bright.

An intriguing psycho-paradox, perhaps,
Hard to define, harder to live with.

The Beach

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

On the beach I sit for hours entranced
Seeing how the world around me danced
A feast of cheerful sights and sounds
The spice of life’s variety here abounds

Kids squealing in joyous laughter
The elders only happy to run after
Lovers are transported to paradise
The surroundings lost to their eyes

Friends gathered to forget their care
Breathing in the freshness of salty air
Fun and entertainment for all ages
Even fortune-telling parrots in cages

The kaleidoscopic scenes make me wonder
Making my harrowed mind cease to ponder
Lost in a state of blissful reverie
A magic eraser rubs my memory

I feel not the fine sand in my palm
Dripping through in celestial calm…

A Soft Pillow

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

My heart doth now become leaden
With aches and pains gets laden
When hearing news that are sordid
Evil deeds of creatures too horrid

Demons and monsters in stories read
Come alive to wreck lives unhindered
With their fangs and claws so hideous
And wicked to harm in ways insidious

When heavy sadness fills my heart
To some pleasant memories I resort
The happy carefree childhood days
Of fun, frolic and friendly plays

Beaches, flowers, hills and dales
Any scenery that my heart regales
Little favors that life brings
And a lot of my favorite things

Those little acts of my kindness
Deeds of tact and thoughtfulness
That brightened a worried face
And emboldened to run the race

Unflinching always in my duty
Guarding the kin with loyalty
To gather knowledge my thirst
And to share it was I first

Let the ugly face of life recede
Let me only the bright spots heed
Unknown are the ways of Providence
In its kindness have I confidence

A branch is not destined to carry
Fruit bunches that are too heavy
No grudges and ill-will I keep
A soft pillow I have to sleep

Two Faced

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

Is life a gentle, caressing breeze
Weaving through the leaves of trees?
Or a tumultuous gale with malice
Tossing the boat in rough seas?

Is life a baby’s cherubic smile,
Utterly void of craft and guile?
Or a wicked grin born in wile,
Filled with cruel venom and bile.

Is life an uplifting wind blown,
Bent on bestowing the winning crown?
Or a deadly mire pulling down,
With definite design to drown?

Does life bring joys in bundles,
Where only easy jobs one handles?
Or a bitter race of non-stop hurdles;
And a hateful animosity, it kindles?

Is life a sweet bed of roses,
Which never a harm poses?
Or a game one always loses
And every exit to escape closes?

Is life a rare delicacy
Spiced with endless variety?
Or a path of unfathomable mystery
Thorned with merciless treachery?

Life indeed is a Janus-
With a face , fair and wondrous,
And another, freakish and callous.
Oh! Lord! hide the second from us!


a poem by Syam Madappattu

Striven feet are
Stumbled on this river bank
Cold and slender fingers
Wading through the rapture of ripples
Dying forever

Eclipsed were the ways

Pain strewn thorns
Anguished astray
Wavering wilderness
Pensive plodding paths

Wither forever

Light years
I know
You will map us
On the palm of a miser


a poem by Syam Madappattu

I lie on a mound earth
Ebb of agony swells my consciousness

In the mist of farce
figures fade out

Innocence of paper boats
drowns in the floods of tears

A rainbow ascends mourning
the lost kiss of little feet on its hunch

Butterflies flutter into the crevices of oblivion
ignoring the touch of little fingers

Forlorn and forsaken
I lie on a mound of earth

Rain seeks pores on my body