Poems published in June 2014


a poem by Vrinda Bansal

The world a beautiful mosaic
The love the feeling of the known
The cold stagnant memories of the past will unhold you when the death holds

The death comes in a blink of an eye the vision seems so blurry
The sound faints in an hourless bound
The dawn seems a merry

The feelings are stabbed to death
And the body feels so numb
The never ending pain has found an end
With hopes loosing count

This time no spring could ever forth
This time the flowers will end to bloom
This time the colour of the world
Will end its story in a gloom

The soul enters a different world
Leaving its body behind
Forgone the earth, forgone the time
Forgone the beauty of his life

No more could he smile or sing
No more could he play in fields
The world is there but he is gone
Leaving behind his blissful memories

Nature of Love!

a poem by Ramesh T A

Loving people no one should neglect;
Even after years of separation love is
Not fading as mist in the distant sky!

Even if lust intrudes one’s life mostly
Love only cares with genuine care;
That only saves one ever from trouble!

Love based intimacy is healthy ever
Making life go on with confidence
Without any sense of fear forever!

Fear rules mind when one is false
In all dealings with frank ones in life
However low or high they are ever!

Fear makes one weaker day by day
But love never diminishes courage!

Respect Women

a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

This world has become so heartless
People have become really fearless
Emotions are being useless
For power and pleasure, people are becoming senseless

Rapes have become so common
Victims are always the women
Inch by inch death should be the punishment for those men
Hope our new govt acts and reacts… God knows when

Save women should be the slogan I say
Tigers can be saved some other day
Those inhuman beasts worse than those tigers should be spared… no way

Wherever I look
Whether newspaper, magazines or any book
Headlines would be molest, rape or kidnap
How long would Indian females fall in these trap
Is there no end to this shitty crap

Is being born in India as a female a curse or a crime
Its really become high time
To man handle those culprits
We have all become silent viewers and observers and all we do is discuss and sit

Action has to be taken by the officials
Teach those beasts how it feels to be in hell
Its high time to switch on the high alert bell
Ignoring these plightful sights and walking away saying all is well

Next victims could be your sister, mother or wife
Women are the ones who give us precious life
Kill those ruthless criminals with a gun, bomb or knife

Spare them, they would have the courage to repeat it again
They are not bothered of feelings, emotions or pain
All they want is pleasure whether its on the road, bus or train
Its high time to act against these kind insane
When will women be able to walk on the streets tension free without any stress or strain

When will women be able to travel on a bus, auto or train without fear
These wild beasts are out there to disrespect and tear
When will women be able to walk freely on the roads like a man
Is India capable of protecting them… just say cannot or can

Will India hear their cries
Can India bid these criminal acts permanantly a Good bye

Let women live
Love and care is what they deserve and what we should give

Respect and value them
They are the life’s root and stem

Life – The Suspense Novel

a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Life is a movie based on a suspense novel
Which reveals untold histories and mysteries
Everyday is a chapter, revealing new characters
From rich to poor, innocent to cheaters, healthy to sick
Passing us like a fading shadow

Every line we read
Is like the moments we pass through
Carrying along a mixture of emotions
From happiness to sadness, success to failure, love to hatred
Which fades with time

Every novel has a beginning and an end
The writter of this novel is God
We are the characters that he has calculated in his mind and sent
He is the script writer, the producer and the director

We are mere actors
Knowing not what is the next scene…
Whether its a comedy, tragedy or a disaster
We have to act till it becomes perfect

At the end of the day all we need to hear is pack up and cut
Launch of the novel, could either be a hit or a flop
All depends on the way we carry the story and the way we perform
All we can do is wait patiently and sit with our hands on top of our head


a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Are we machines or human?

Rest, I don’t know when
Our only break is with the book
Not even time to eat or cook
Engaged all the time with a bunch of patients to look

Our life revolves around books, patient and hospital
We are always on the toe waiting for the next bell
What is sleep, I forgot
Calls in the middle of the night
When we just begin to roll our eyes and sleep tight

Home and entertainment seems alien
Hospital is our main home and den
Is our life meant to be sacrificed this way
Will there be some happiness and entertainment some day
After all these hard work… our salary is not even upto an engineers pay

Doctor profession was once called noble
But now I would rather modify it and call horrible
Slog and work is not the only motive and aim

God gave us life not to just take care of lives but also for ourselves to live too

We are also humans
Not any machines or god
We too need a normal life… Oh Lord!

Faith for Salvation – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Faith can melt even the mountains blocking the way to moksha!
But rigid and firm mountains too are meditating for salvation!
In the modern world who is there to believe natural faith?
Is faith based on love, which is natural, unreliable in the world?
But is it possible to know everything and then have faith?

So, we should have faith naturally and go ahead well
In our ventures to fulfill our plan in the life of the world;
Success or failure gives us experience and knowledge
That help everyone to take necessary measures next.

‘First have faith in yourself, then in others and finally in God!’
Vivekananda has said so long ago and I also endorse his words.
This general type of faith is based on the knowledge we gain
Of the Self, the world and the Universal God above all else.

This faith becomes stronger only as time passes on since it does not
Involve immediate sense experience in life and spiritual participation;
However, intellectually knowing the truth is the noble pursuit
Of man to have firm conviction to decide about any course here.
But faith based on the intuitional knowledge of the whole truth
Is real and by which anything is possible by man in the world!

By poetry, they say, in the past, it was possible to bring rain or fire
And even melt stone as there was truth in words, music in verse!
The intuitional faith of the poet expressed in powerful words
Prophesied of what would happen where at what time in the world;
They were so firm in their faith that they surmounted everything,
All hurdles and achieved what they had promised or prophesied!
This kind of faith only, firm and resolute can move even mountains!


a poem by Sumeshgoni

The breeze so cold
chilled are my feet,
spread my wings to fly,
unaware of the coming defeat.

Passed through land
both barren and green,
my untiring eyes
always following the unseen.

There in the distance,
dark speck the cloud
hiding in its belly
a thunder not yet loud.

Killing the time
curiosity made me wait
till covered with darkness,
I sit and blame fate.

What was to come
Has done and gone,
past will not stay
“Life moves on”.


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

If breaking a heart is so unfair
then why everyday millions of them are broken???
The affliction caused is unbearable
but still the heart breaking continues for ever…

I see him far away, I know it’s an illusion of my mind
a coldness runs through my whole body
and there is calmness for a while.

Various emotions I start feeling
I stretch my hand for him
only an empty wave my palm holds
and his shadow starts disappearing.

The level of apprehension rises
and an expected uneasiness arrives
the restlessness continues endlessly
in a river of disappointment I dive.

I still stand there with a hope that
my eyes may see him coming
my ears may hear his voice
my body may feel his touch
I realize someone around
its my loneliness which surrounds.

I want to sense his breathe inside me
I want to feel his finger tips all over
I want to perceive that satisfaction
of having him immortally for ever.

My desires remain with me
and my loneliness all along
my emptiness fills the air
and the silence breaks the mourn

Divine truth

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Let the truth behold, but my heart unfold
the truth about love and life
let it splurge all over, let it splash and strew
as the wind blows flirtatiously during tide.

The divine feeling of love
and its celestial essence
Some call it fate
with supreme significance.

The sentiments the passion
are close like life and soul
the restlessness, the amore
they play game of fair and foul.

The eternal feel, the mortal impact
we set our boundaries, but still we cross
then it embraces us, we sense its touch
our heart immerses in it and we get engrossed.


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

His innocent face
his sweet smile
make my heart
go mad and wild.

The way he laughs
the way he talks
and when he looks at me
I am totally knocked.

My heart trembles inside
and my mind totally lost
and as we start talking
my heartbeat takes a halt.

I smile when I think of him
and miss him when he goes
I listen to all his stuff
and wish, for me they were his love woes.

I miss him when I am alone
I miss him in a crowd
I miss him every moment
with me is something wrong?

I want to run away from him
but want to be with him at the same time
and as we start talking
our conversation has a different rhyme.

Do I like him or it’s just a craze
and does he feel the same for me
I don’t care and don’t want to worry
as I enjoy these moments of bliss.

The Lone Witness

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

We all have one:
That remnant scar
Over our abdomen

A living reminder:
Of umbilical connexions,
One had with one’s mother!

Those who just ignore this,
I don’t know how sad it is:
To disown your mother
Despite the cicatrix!

The lone witness of the womb:
The cord that feeds,
Even as the baby takes shape,
Supply all that it needs.

Our conscience is not much different:
It has its own chinks;
It has got that element,
That remembers its links,
With God- Creator and Sustainer,
Seventy-fold like our own mother

Why forget your mother,
Or God, either?
You cannot afford,
To deny the umbilical cord!

For, God loves us all:
Seventy times more, as it were,
Than your own mother
Heed to His call.

For, God’s so merciful.
Open the door,
Vacate your fear;
Be faithful and grateful,

Sure, you can go that far:
So much lies concealed,
In that round scar-
The first wound now healed.

Happiness in Life – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

The cause for crimes is ignorance of self,
Lack of love for work and faith in one’s skill!
Education imparts knowledge but not curiosity
To know truth and love to do duty as to one’s will!

Work many do for money, some for fulfilling
Ambition but few for spiritual satisfaction!
Politicians and business men belong to the first,
Professionals to the second but poets to the third!

Money minded job doers underestimate spiritualists
But professionals simply tell tricksters to go to dogs!
For, great empires and small minds go ill together as
Asses or swains know not the value of morals or pearls!

It may look easier to sing a lovely song than to sew a cloth;
Talent is needed to sing rather than a few days’ drill to sew.
It may look easier to draw a picture than to draw well water;
Genius is needed to draw rather than strength to draw water.

It is easy to destroy a rare species in the world
But impossible to create one alive in Nature!
For, it is easier to kill a bird of our choice
Than to create a bird to fly freely in the sky!

Yes! Skilful men do what is impossible by ordinary men!
And geniuses do what is impossible by talented guys!
But only God can do what is impossible by geniuses!
This is the open secret in Nature nobody knows at first!

The abilities of different persons cannot be compared;
Each one has got one’s own value waiting to be realised
And used effectively to achieve best result in one’s field
That is the secret of success to express oneself in life!

Knowledge of Self, World, Nature and Universe is needed
And by deep meditation one can see the vision of life
To fix one’s ambition, the driving force of life in the world
And to achieve the best things successfully in life!

Happiness in life is what Nature and religion preach;
It is we who defy natural laws and bring woes to all
And suffer in the world with wars, violence and die.
So, let us not forget happiness is in our hands only!


a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Wherever it may be
He lost his precious life
And his life strings went awry
And his body is lying in formless state

Is it in the Kashmir
Where blood shed is normal on every day
Or in Bombay
Where bombs are hurled In the form of high explosives
Or in faction ridden states
Where murders of the humans are a daily chore
Or in encounters engineered by state police
Or in the retaliation measures initiated by aboriginal

In whatever form it is his life was taken away forcibly
And the same has become hot news for the media
Eye for eye and slap for a slap is yesterdays norm
Now it is set one for ten or one for hundred

One hero will push on for the propriety of all oil wells on earth
And the white man as just zero supports him all the while
The two thus feel in apparent sense that they are the master minds
Behind every calamity or climax happening in the universe

One makes heroic attempt to destroy the great mosques
And the other fellow acts on foreign authority’s orders to disturb temple atmosphere
On destruction of national properties the traitors will have
The currency love and his poverty beholds it in high esteem altogether

However pathetic the criminal acts are
Our protecting force can’t trace them at their roots
And allow them to slip on to other countries with very much ease and comfort
We look at them as mere spectators and allow them to go Scot free

The humanity is striving hard and straining every nerve to live long with green sheen
But the demons who don’t deserve sympathy at all, take law into their violent hands
And demonstrate their loyalty to other nations that are quite against our peace and prosperity
Traitors pray for patriots’ destruction all in all segments without an iota of failure

The Bias

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

The bias you see inherent in Nature,
Simply put these are but Nature’s laws
God’s work is nature: Be sure,
You may try but cannot find flaws!

Evil in His creation you may seldom find:
This just cannot negate His existence.
For, goodness outstrips evil. Bear in mind:
Nature ordains health to prevail over pestilence!

Nature ordains that the things that are best
Are equally set with those that are worst,
With the average to be in the majority
Normal Distribution is her Law: Since antiquity!

This, then, can be, at least, safely assumed:
God’s work-nature-acts as a fine balance
Curse not Nature: Like some ignoramus subsumed,
Only misery and evil in His account, for instance

For an athlete- expect someone to lame,
For a genius- suffer a moron: Don’t blame!
For sure, you may live in pretence,
But, for God’s sake, use your common sense!!

The Relic

a poem by Ramachandran C

When he lived, no one loved him,
none approved him.
He was not a common stuff;
but, designed of precious silk.

He made an orb for him
And cut his links from the fraud,
As the sea separates the land,
The sky distances the earth,
The justice; injustice
And tried to be placid.

There was a fencing around him
With insight, competence, and accolade,
He believed ‘good’ will be good for all
Didn’t know only to some.

He couldn’t perceive,
The superlative enemy of man is Man.
He believed in concord:
The mass bestow’d him discord,
He tried to love every one
But, got abandoned soon.

Those who went near
Found him quite virtuous!
(the most omitted for their luxury!)

They made an augury
“He is not fit for the globe!”
They smashed him!
the next day assembled near his mausoleum
Fought for a relic
To exhibit their intimacy with te just.
They composed anecdotes of his miracles
Which he was want of any!

They made him God, or His Son
Who lived for other’s welfare,
They made his name an adage;
A definition of honesty,
For which he lived and died.