Poems published in May 2014

It’s a Love Story

a poem by Roopa Nanjesh

By the river side,
Going on a bicycle ride,
Enjoying the cool breeze,
The moment waited for me to seize.

Blue was the sky,
Bright was the sun,
Clear was the flowing water,
Greener were the trees.

Birds chirped happily,
Butterflies flew all around,
Rabbits, squirrels and deer,
Danced around without fear.

Pieces of broken tree,
Dried leaves that were free,
Formed their humble home,
That looked like the castle of Rome.

Under the trees so tall,
That formed a mystic wall,
Dancing to the music of rain,
The little fellas formed a train.

Joining them was my pleasure,
Their friendship did I treasure,
We sang a happy song,
Until it rained no long,
Then I said ‘So long!’.

I walked a distance to pick a flower,
On my head could I feel the shower,
The showers of rain,
Stored on the bower.

As I stood there happy and gay,
I heard footsteps not so far away,
I stepped aside to give way,
While the squirrel ran into his drey.

Along came a man so charming,
He looked like he could,
Keep things humming,
Brown was his eyes, Dark was his hair,
He was tall and handsome, I swear.

He clearly had lost his way,
And I had had a field day,
He walked up to me to say-
But I was ‘miles away’.
Very softly did he ask,
‘Are you okay?’

There I stood, mesmerized.
By his beauty and gentleness,
Had not met a man before,
Who made me go weak in the knees.

He looked into my eye,
And left out a deep sigh,
Very gently did he hold my hand
And pushed aside a lock of hair.

My heart skipped a beat,
I knew we were destined to meet,
My stomach went tight,
I felt this has got to be right.

He whispered into my ear,
‘Why didn’t we meet before’,
A smile on my face I wore,
And could not say anything more.

Still holding my hand he asked,
‘Will you show me the way?’
Gently did I nod though I had lots to say,
But quietly did I walk,
While he started to talk.

I spoke too,
Every now and then.
He had held my hand,
Never to let go again.

Love Story

a poem by Sameer

Once they met; a feckless god and a loving devil,
it was passion at first sight in an eternity of desires,
the colors bloomed and the seasons cried in thrill,
when the opposites coupled and the souls wired,

God reveled, dancing from the pristine love in Devil’s eye,
Devil moaned, in a new cloud of senses she always denied,
they wept, they laughed, they kissed and they loved,
until a miracle swelled Devil’s belly and God’s pride,

The Universe was born with a responsible God,
the evil smiled to mother a precious new born,
God whispered gentle breeze and Devil possessed with storms,
the marriage faded as mutinies adorned,

God’s love tormented Devil’s sensual beauty,
the parents collided on each others duty,
it rained planets and stars from god’s mouth,
and black holes loomed from evils loath,

The Universe wept, bleeding their hearts,
when the parents rose to a wailing creation,
Hugging one another, God spoke;
‘you both shall bring this world unto me’,
and Devil agreed in the unity of realization!

The shameless

a poem by Manu Pande

The most caring people in his life, were those whom he need not guess,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Betraying the faith of his loved ones and making of it a mess,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Making the grades of his father fall, because that of his, yes,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Obstructing the prayers of his mother by not working hard, that he graded less,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Waiting for a chance to fight back, rise and win his life’s game of chess,
Is now what he searches, yes this shameless.

SORRY Mamma, Babba and Bhavya.

Human Rights

a poem by Janakiraman Ra

For the humiliations of POWs in Iraq
For the plight of Palestinian civilians,
My heart pains and really weeps.
Thousands and thousands of words
Spring from the depth of my heart
And suddenly all get choked in my throat.

The Amnesty International that condemns
Worldwide Human Rights violations
Includes India too for Gujarat killings.
I am ashamed, my head bows in shame.
I am unable to use any of my words.
My own brothers have made me dumb.

Oh, the omniscient God, I pray to thee.
Please defeat the spirit of fanaticism
And revive the respect for human dignity.
Please give back what has been lost.

Why does she fall in love again?

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

Why does she fall in love again?
When her present love still beats her heart
I plead to find her a new love that would last
One that would pass the test of time

Why does she fall in love again?
Because her deep soul bear a hole
It’s hard for her to see the signs
That’s why she feels love is blind

Why does she fall in love again?
When her love signs are still crystal clear
A love full life is to live and let live
But the vacuum in her must surely be filled

Why does she fall in love again?
When she never vow to love again
Addicted to love she seems to be
A lonely soul can no women keep

Why does she fall in love again?
Because her lofty dreams are unfulfilled
In spite of pains it may brings
She should surely destine to love.

Why does she fall in love again?
Because each morning as I awaken,
She is the reason I smile,
She is the reason I love.

Why does she fall in love again?
Because each day when I see her
She is the reason of my high beats
She is the reason I want to love.

To know

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

Someday, sometime, we never knew
The ways in which each other flew.
You went your way, I went mine
Not knowing if there would be a “next” time.

We had our ups, we had our downs;
Times we laughed, times we frowned.
We stuck by each other time and time again
Not knowing that it would pay off in the end.

We never hated each other’s smile.
Our love was thrown deep into the pile,
Away from sight of our friends,
Not knowing when our time would begin.

Some people came into our lives;
We lived, loved, and had our fights.
We kept each other’s love at bay;
Things we wanted, neither could say.

Days, and months, and years went by.
It seemed our love had nearly died
And then this shy young angel spoke.
“I’ve liked you for so long, and that’s no joke!”

We talked for weeks and went through hell.
We kissed, we hugged, and then we both fell
So far in love with each other
That our hearts can’t speak it, our loves for one another.

It is a love which is so deep;
More love than any eye can see.
A love in which friends stay friends;
A love that has no bitter end.

Sure, we cannot say that it will last
But, it has always been there in the past.
From cricket, gulli danda, work and evening walks
When the other cried there was always a hand.

You cry, I cry, you laugh, I smile
I know you’ve thought “it” for a while.
When you hurt it makes me cry inside,
When it’s my fault it makes me want to die.

I told you how I felt and thought,
The love I’ve found is the love I sought.
Through hugs, kisses, smiles, and tears
I promise to protect your from all your fears.

I don’t know how long you want me around
But I know whether short or long it won’t get me down.
Because I see the look with which you say,
“I love you, and everything will be ok!”

So, if you want, just hug me forever
And know no hurt I shall do you, “NEVER!!”
Hold you till you die I will.
I want to die in your arms with you,
“Knowing I love you still!”

My childhood friend – a special one to me

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

You’re a special friend
Who I know is always there
Someone to share my life with
Every hope, dream, and care

Whenever I feel sad, or alone
You’re always there to make me smile
It’s friends like you who I know
Won’t leave me after a while

Special friends like you
Mean the world to me
When I think of something special
It is your face I see

All the time I’ve spent with you
Puts a smile upon my face
I hope one day I’ll be with you again
Somehow, sometime, someplace

You mean a lot to me and I would
Do anything in the world for you
So, no matter what’s going on in your life
Just know you have someone to turn to.

You’re a special person
I care a lot about you
I wish I could say how special you are
Only if you knew…

Our Friendship

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

I want to thank you for always being there.
Our deepest thoughts and feelings we share.
Friends in the beginning,
We’ve become closer through time.
I’ve helped you with your life,
You’ve helped me with mine.
I never thought we’d be such good friends.
I really hope this friendship never ends.
Through good times and bad times, thick and thin,
You’ve been there so much; you’ve become my best friend.
Whether you know it or not, I know the real you,
You deserve the best in life, and whatever you do,
Always remember when things get tough,
You can get through it if you try hard enough.
Life will bring you joys and it will bring you pains,
Just try not to get caught up in the crazy game.
Also, remember that if your love is true,
You can overcome any obstacle thrown at you.
Friends forever I hope we’ll stay.
I love you,
And I thank you for being there for me, each and every day.

I thank God he sent you to me

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

I thank God he sent you to me,
For you and I were meant to be.
We have a bond too strong to break,
We have a love no one can take.

In you, I have found a love so true,
My heart is filled with love for you.
Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat,
You make my life whole, you make my life complete.

My love for you grows more with each passing day,
The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away:
Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious lips I love to kiss.

The day when I can touch you, smell you,
Will be the happiest day of my life.
Even thinking of that day makes me smile,
I can’t wait ’till I walk down that walkway.

I dream of that day when we’ll both say, “I do”
For always and forever… I will love you.

As Long As I Live

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

You made love to me
Not to my body,
(You reached deep within me)
but my spirit

I heard you call my name
Not like you sound
Your voice so dim and deep
Like a Nightingale

You touched me that I may feel
All your splendor
You brought me sweet relief
From all my tension

Your love is all I need
Every day and night
From no one will I receive
True love like this

My life, my everything
To you I give
Greater love will be my reward
As long as I live

Defining My Love

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

My love for you is never ending,
it will never go away.
I lay myself down each night,
and this is what I pray.
That our love will withstand time,
as we are apart.
You should know my love, my dear,
you are always in my heart.

I wake to see the daylight dawn,
and wish you were here.
Waking up without you
is my one and only fear.
I love you even more each day,
as we are apart.
You should know my love, my dear,
you are always in my heart.

You show me you love me,
and you’ll never let me go.
That is why I love you, dear,
and why it is so.
Dying is the only way,
we will ever part.
So, please stay with me, dear,
for you are always in my heart.

Soul Mates

a poem by Asha Sunil

A perfect soul-mate is everyone’s dream
They say they’d choose from the society’s cream
They insist on having their fantasies come true
But disappointment engulfs them-except a few
Who realise that the right person is
Not one who’d appear to guarantee bliss
A true soul mate is a plane above
One who conquers inadequacies with unconditional love
It is not one whom you’ll live happily with
But one, without whom, you can never be happy…


a poem by Asha Sunil

Oh Mirror, Oh Mirror- as I gaze into thee,
This mortal, perishable body of mine I see-
If only you did show something deeper,
If only you did reflect one’s thoughts,
If only you did expose to one’s eyes
The true image of the soul inside,
Tell me who’d have the courage to peep into thee?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
There are beautiful people whose hearts are small…

A teardrop

a poem by Asha Sunil

A battle rages within the mind,
A desperate attempt is made
To control the rampage of feelings,
And put up a calm façade-
It is in vain, for at the corner of the eye
A little drop of tear is formed:
It follows down the cheek,
Dissolving the resolve,
Erasing those indelible barriers,
Betraying the air of indifference,
Showing the humanly vulnerability,
A single drop exposing the ocean of emotions;
That single drop more eloquent than several words-

Better Warrior

a poem by Asha Sunil

Soldier! Oh soldier! Guarding the border
Holding together the nation’s honor
Spilling every drop of your blood
For this country that means so much to you
I salute thee…
I know you can’t see this warrior
This dainty warrior, who awaits you
Battling every second, getting wounded every minute
Waging wars with her conflicting emotions
Waiting forever for your return…
She struggles to keep the family happy
She appears to live a normal life without you
But deep inside she’s pining away…
You die but once for the nation
She’s emotionally killed so many times…
Oh soldier, you fight, regardless of your life
But there is a better warrior than you… your wife…