Poems published in November 2013


a poem by Ramya R

Wow! It was a fantastic scene
The whole world was very keen
It was Diwali, festival of lights
It was the queen of all the nights

That night there was no sight of moon
But night was brighter than the noon
Lamps were lighted everywhere
Crackers burst here and there

But a boy of six stood there still
Like an eagle on top of the hill
His eyes grew wide as he saw the sight
Never had he seen so much of light

From the sparklers, sparks were flying
Crackers bursting and rockets zooming
Charkas were spinning beautifully
Houses were lighted wonderfully

The little boy was bewitched
He asked his mother astonished
‘The world around is so happy;
Let’s burst crackers and be merry’

Now the mother was lost in thought
She narrated him the event of draught
And how slowly they lost all wealth
And his father died of ill health

We can’t afford to buy a bun
How can I buy you a cracker, Son!
Hearing this the boy was touched
To console his mother words he fetched

So what if we can’t buy crackers
So what if we are street hawkers
We are rich in virtues and thought
We will untie all our knots

The world is big and I am but a creek
The ocean of joy I shall seek
Life’s a flower I will enjoy the nectar
So what if we can’t just buy a cracker?

Make me a Dove!

a poem by Ramya R

Oh God! Make me a dove!!!
I want to teach the world to love
I want the fights in world to cease
I will carry the message of peace

I want to fly so high and high
So as to reach joys endless sky
I want to fly so fast and fast
And forget the sorrowful past

I want the world to begin again
There people should be never in pain
Without any thorns the flowers should bloom
For every soul there should be room

The world should be tension free
Everywhere prosperity I should see
In unity all should stand
Taking each others hand in hand

No rich no poor, nor fight or quarrel
Such should be the world without the barrel
Oh God! Make me a dove
I will teach the world to love.

A Valentine message to you my love

a poem by Karthikeyan V

I don’t know why this happens:
My hear misses a beat
When my eyes lock into yours;
My senses unto me retreat.

My ears when they receive your voice,
Paralyse my timid brain
And take me to ethereal world
And my dreams flow sans any rein.

You have an aroma around you
Which sweetness none can fathom
And has none in Nature a surrogate;
Even flowers seem to me scum.

The only thing my heart knows
Is that my soul craves for you.
Oh my Angel! Appease this sufferin’ heart
With the eternal words “I Love You”.


a poem by Yogesh G Nair

The pride of being
the child
of an Army officer
is lost forever.

I feel sorry
as I hear
about my father’s rise
in return, to the favour
of sharing my mother
with my father’s boss.

I am not very clear
of what forced him
to do all this.
And, why my mother
was forced to live with him
even after all this.

I came to know of it
through my father’s friend
who was frustrated, then
but is happy now.


a poem by Yogesh G Nair

I have no words
to express my joy
as I realise
that I have been crowned
as Miss Universe.

She was helpless
for, she and her mother
had tried to bring
everything that they could
to satisfy the greed
of their in-laws.
Wordy duels, attacks and
torture at times
do not let her stand
on her own legs


a poem by Devika

The futility of a man
Condemned to die-

Like children,
Asking to be let out-

Uncontrolled, violent,

As the froth on beer-

Meditated, wise,
Dignity? Or mere breath?

Hesitant, doubting-

Giving way to hope,
To conviction,
To words!


a poem by Devika

I will not put back the clock,
I would not cancel a single pain,
A month, a moment,
A single tear-

Let me not now be pushed over the brink
Of this new twilit world of mine,
Dearly acquired,
Infinitely dear-

Watch life gently pass me by,
Some things are not mine to hold,
Drifting further,
Still so near-

Rainbows held in droplets of time,
Glimmering in the rare sunshine,
For you a moment,
For me a year-

Memoirs of a Young Woman

a poem by Anupama M

As I, down memory lane, glide,
Innumerable scenes before me, slide.
Millions of situations which could’ve been handled better
Things I did, thoughts I thought – were they right or wrong?

When I was naughty
And made my mother unhappy
Was that wrong on my part?

When I went to the fair
And pulled my friend’s hair
Was that fair or unfair?

When Ma’am went on ’bout Sulphate
And I ne’er bothered to concentrate
Did I commit a great mistake?

When Dad expected the best
An’ I got ‘C’ in the test
Did I make him sad?

When Mom gave me lotsa’ work
And my duties – Of course! I did shirk.
Did I make her mad?

So many things – many situations
That in my mind cause confusion
Well. I now realise that I could have done better
and better, even better
For the road to perfection never ends!


a poem by Anupama M

Oh! That part of the day!
Adorned by the setting sun’s ray
Fills my heart with ecstasy
And flies me to a world of fantasy!
A cloud above me passes.
Nay – ’tis a flock of the feathered creation
Journeying back home in formation
There – a lone bird appears
Separated from friends; cold with fears
Flying round and round and round
Sensing a way to his home ground
As I stare at the silhouette of the palm
Against the clear blue sky – oh ! so calm!
And hear the faint strains of soft heavenly music
Drifting toward me from far, far away.
Supreme bliss, in my fantasy world reigns!


a poem by Aparna Ramnath

The smallest of all,
The weirdest of all,
Yet amongst His peers,
The most loved of all.

Through the wrath of His Father,
He lost His face,
By the bidding of His Mother
Was restored with grace.

With the head of an elephant
And the torso of a man,
He draws more people
Than count you can.

Asked to go around the world,
While His brother did scoot,
He circled His parents
And won the fruit.

Immerse Him in the water,
In a well or the sea,
He rises even bigger
The next time you see.

He’s first in the temple,
The first to dine,
With His consorts and all,
He adorns every shrine.

Be it the start of a day
Or your time of test,
He demands your attention
For all things best.

He squats in His place,
Looking for a bride,
Blesses you with goodies
And serves as a guide.

In a world of worries,
He brings joy to the heart,
Once in His spell,
You can never after part.

The Biggest of All,
The Most Powerful of All,
In All His Myriad Forms,
The Most Loved By All.

Kargil – In the Wake of the War

a poem by Aparna Ramnath

Leaving behind loved ones,
All that is near and dear,
They scale Great Heights
Where no one can hear.

No warmth to bide,
No home to hide,
No cause to sigh
Nor tears to cry.

No thought of food,
No heart to soothe,
No sorrow to feel
Not a wink to steal.

Where the dawn brings hope
And the night is a test,
One outdoes the other
Doing better than the best.

Of the nine eighty million,
We are but a tiny dot,
While having faced all
They have done a mighty lot.

Our strength be with them,
So be our timely prayers,
For all those selfless souls,
Fighting so bravely to die.

High up on the mountains,
On the snowy ice bed,
That white is made still purer
By the blood they shed.

Through times of grief and times so long,
Whatever may come and whatever be gone,
We are proud of those Great Heroes
That this land has borne.


a poem by Jonasdoss

Mind, is a good creation of god,
Mind, is a place where you can store vision,
Which last longer than the computer.
From the birth till the end,
Mind show us the path for many thing in life.
Listen to mind, it speaks.
Hear the words which our mind oft throws.
Mind vary from person to person.
Mind is the root cause of all things in life.
Mind is the one which provokes the love.
Mind makes a person wild.
Mind makes a person sexy.
It has a good taste.
It has a good humour.
It makes you to go places.
It makes you judge people.
Oh! mind you have to be mine, forever,
cos’ you are the one, that god has given.

Worthless Money

a poem by Jayant Sharma

Far enough but too near, I was active in my own semi-conscious mind;
in my own quest world I was walking with a line of currency pieces,
trying to gather all,
trying to leave all behind.

I could feel the warmth, I could feel superiority;
I was going insane, I was holding priority.
Soon a lady passed by me but feeling the warmth she came to my side;
a few other children, men and even animals committed the same ugly-suicide.
I was too proud ‘coz I had all, a lady, some children and several men to be counted;
but soon this pride remained uncounted.
This time I came across all my near ones who have passed away,
whose love and care couldn’t return to me anyway.
All those worthless notes now seemed bits for dustbins;
all those with me now seemed dummies with renewed skins.
Soon a child crying near his mother’s dead body,
made the atmosphere a little too muddy.

My heart was weeping but those notes seemed still;
I realised “money is but external… it’s our faith… it’s our self… that’s really real”.

When we Decide

a poem by Sumandodril

When I am in a dilemma:
I wish I were Dalai Lama,

To sail with absolute peace of mind:
To hail he who is supreme and kind,

Make the best of what is left:
There is always a choice between life and death.

The first step taken towards your goal:
Hope not brings along its toll.

Think of all the souls around you:
Yet, what matter’s most is YOU.

All the prayers before you sleep at night:
May not put an end to your plight.

It might take your time so precious:
Opens a doorway to a life so veracious.

All the rewards that you might plunder:
You have to face the consequences of a blunder.

Don’t be afraid, Don’t be weak:
Success or failure never stays at the peak.

Each and every step in life you take:
All the decisions that you have to make.

Each in itself is a whole new world:
To live through it, that’s what makes you bold.

Throughout life, each and every season:
To start with, Just learn your lesson.

When you decide,
Decide to decide.

Sail On

a poem by Nikhil Chandhok

In the ocean of life,
There’s so much to explore.
So much to adore,
Everyone’s on a voyage,
Oh explorer! You sail on…
Many new things,
You are bound to discover.
Moments that you’ll cherish,
For now and forever.
Everyone’s on a voyage,
Oh explorer! You sail on…
This ocean is,
A never ending mystery.
But one has to be a part of it,
Plan future, escort present.
And rest is history.
Everyone’s on a voyage,
Oh explorer! You sail on…
Overcome the troubled weather,
And the sickness of the sea.
A lot of answers,
You need to gather.
How adventurous life would be!
Everyone’s on a voyage,
Oh explorer! You sail on…